Tuesday, 4 October 2016

September Bonus Vote D

(they want the D)

I probably went a little overboard with this, but drawing is so much fun at the moment.

Up next is the monthly Patreon art for July and August, since I'm behind on those. I'll be working on catching up by doing at least two per month, but of course I also want to set time aside for TotMW, the lottery and the upcoming CYOA.

Better resolutions on HF: Son Daughter


  1. Nice job, NIP.
    If you ever fancy doing some comissions, I'll be here to throw bags of cash at you.

    1. I probably should do those again... sometime 2017 maybe?

  2. Damn you're cranking them out. Another great one.

  3. Amazing! One of your best yet.

  4. It's always nice to hear you're enjoying your work, and it definitely shows in this one♥

  5. Oh gawd! She is just so fucking gorgeous, so hot, so darling in that first panel. The whole soft look, your trademark look, is just so seductive and erotic. Love that nice big, uncut cock and those nice big balls full of cum.

    Love the expression on the boy's face as well, the sneaky cheeky devil.

    Oh, one minor quibble is the use of the word 'sate'. It's too stiff, formal, even archaic.

    Anyway, you've got me gushing like a daffy old woman again, as usual.

  6. Really cracking stuff as usual Nobody, really hot stuff! :)