Saturday, 7 January 2017

Late Night with the Girlfriend

"Futa in socks and tank top casually watching TV while being sucked by bf. Overflowing condoms, cum everywhere, including on leftover pizza. Night. No light except TV screen light."

First one of two bonus picks from December's request lottery.

Better resolution on HF.


  1. His lucky night! Wish I had one like that!

  2. I wish you do the dickgirl with bigger boobs

  3. I'd prefer it If she wasn't wearing socks but still, I wish I could spend my nights like that.

  4. I'm a greedy old bastard. I like to see the bottom boy jerking off while he's sucking.

    And here's a similar image by David Boyle:
    Boyle's done some cool futa's over the past few years but his futa output is low and erratic. He's only in it for shits and grins, I guess.

    1. Perhaps he needs his girlfriend's permission to masturbate, or he's just so enamoured with her dick he forgets about his own.

  5. Love the leg around the neck. Great drawing!